Aws DevOps Engineer

Aws DevOps Engineer

Design, implement, and operationalize AWS-based cloud architectures and environments. Automate end-to-end deployment and management process applying Infrastructure as Code and Immutable Infrastructure principles. Engineer and implement CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins, GitLab, or similar.

Department: DevOps Engineer
Project Location(s): Bangalore, India
Education: Information Technology
Compensation: On Interview


Candidates can look forward to regular client contact, a role in business development and proposal writing/methodology creation, and a

• Develop code to automate the entire lifecycle including provisioning, configuration, orchestration, and on-going management.
• Implement containerization strategies when appropriate using Docker and Kubernetes/Swarm.
• Instrument secure engineering early in the lifecycle and implement Compliance as Code practices.
• Lead one or more DevOps teams comprised of diverse dev, test, security, and cloud engineers.
• Provide complete AWS Architectural solutions/designs to project execution teams for implementation.
Required Skills
• Hands-on experience automating deployments of multi-tier stacks using Ansible, Chef, or similar.
• Hands-on experience with at least one major CI tools such as Jenkins, GitLab, Travis, Concourse, or similar.


• Hands-on experience with Docker, Red Hat OpenShift, or similar.
• Knowledge of hardware and software firewalls, intrusion detection methods, security systems, and DDoS protection.
• Strong system administration experience on Linux platform.
• Fluent in modern software development practices and open source stacks.
• Excellent communication skills with the ability to speak in front of large audiences.
• Experience in monitoring tools such as Grafana, Chronograf, or Zabbix.
• Expertise in database administration and management.
• Hands-on experience with the Maven build tool.
• Hands-on experience with Container Orchestration tool Kubernetes
• AWS DevOps Engineer Certification is a MUST

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